Ok, what I’m going to do now and over time is try and lay out a character description, some history and whatnot so that when I randomly reference people, you’ll have some clue of who I’m talking about.

This is assuming, of course, that anyone ever reads this. I need to get more into blogger culture so that I can start getting people to link to this..and so that I can start linking to people.

ts one that I actually haven’t gotten into that much. Still, whilst logging into “blogger”an article that referenced this caught my eye.

This is exactly what I’m talking about with the Geek Heirarchy. See, she gets it. Don’t know who she is, but she gets it. And she apparently goes to Harvard Law, so get the picture, people!


Right, so yesterday was very bad for a couple of friends of mine. Ok, scratch that, yesterday I don’t know about, but this weekend wasn’t so good.

First and foremost, Candice broke up with the English boy Tim. Which, on a pure friendship level is too bad, because they made a great couple and as far as I could tell, things seemed to be going pretty well…although I don’t know as I’m enough of a confidant that I’d be told even if things weren’t going well.

Hmm…it occurs to me that I need to post up about each person I talk about at some point. We’ll see about doing that later today, I guess.

Lessee….oh right, on with the story. So anyway, the truth of the matter is that I have mixed feelings about the whole Candice break up thing, because, frankly, I’d like a chance at being her boy myself. How I accomplish that from 1100 miles away is a bit of a mystery, however, and I know she’s got other guys nearby her who feel the same way I do…(she being one of those perfectly-imperfect women that every guy who meets wants to be with.), so I don’t know as this is really a good thing no matter whcih way you look at it. Plus, I’m afraid that if I ever ask for a shot that she’ll just stop talking to me. Which is probalby how I’d react if a friend in whom I wasn’t interested expressesd interest, but shes generally a better person than I am, so who knows.

Anyway, then my fencing coach Alex and his partner in crime, girlfriend, and top fencer Rachel announced that they’d be closing the fencing club as a business. Its very sad, because the place was…someone living the American dream (minus the getting rich part, but that could come in time). I mean, their reasons are sound, and they made a damn good run of it, but its just extrememly sad to see people losing their dream. Its also very sad to see a dream who were captured by die…or least become very ill. Still, the club will go on, and hopefully it’ll continue and improve and he’ll be able to open up a buisness again, eventually.

So that was the weekend for the friends. I still need to call Nathan and congratulate him on the engagement. Fuck me up the goats ass.

Well, later all.

Ok, now granted, I haven’t done an extensive amount of research on this.

Still, I’m gonna make comments, because I can.

The concept of fair trade is one that appeals to me greatly. In a world where globalization has already happened, regardless of what people may wish or want, there has to be some way of ensuring that the rights and protections that are applied to workers in westernized countries to apply to the people living in third world or industrializing nations. This is where free trade fails…true free and and actual free trade are both institutions that allow, even help, exploitation of the have-nots at the hands of the haves. In order for globalization to create a world-wide economy without harmings billions, we have to come up with a different algorithm for trade with developing countries.

Enter the idea of fair trade. This basically states that workers in developing countries get the same rights and protections they get in developed countries. So manufactoring workers get unions, living and livable wages at decent hours and safety, producers get enough to reinvest in their crops while still growing in environmentally friendly ways, etc. etc.

Dear my lord, I’m botching this…I’m in too much of a hurry because of work.

Anyway, the only decent non-produce fair trade site I’ve found is no sweat union made apparel Which seems pretty cool, and I’d like to see more of it. There are dozens of fair trade coffee, tea, and produce sites, and they’re easy to find.

The whole point of this post was this: why can’t we move the fair trade discussion to a WTO level, and apply it to all products, services, and the whole 9 yards?

Whats wrong with that?

And why, then, do most fair trade organizations seem to stop their cares with the producers of coffee, tea, and fruit?

Since I’m too much of a dumbass to get my ass in gear on my own site, I decided to go ahrad and run something up here (since I enjoy GWBWYPGN so much.)

So anyway, this’ll contain mostly boredom posts from when I’m at work, but hopefully I’ll hit some worthwhile stuff too…philosophy, politics, etc. etc.

The nice thing about something like this is that it doesn’t require the extra work on my part. And it does accomplish a lot of what I was looking to accomplish when I bought my webspace.

By the way, as a side note, Hardee’s thickburgers actually do taste pretty damn good….but their coffee blows. I mean big, nasty chunks.

Never thought I’d be a coffee snob, but there you have it. SHADE GROWN FOREVER!

Now I’m gonna monkey around with the settings and what not. Back soon.