I saw Nicole doing a blog, way back before I really knew what a blog was, that always included a post in the fine if annoying vein of…umm..movie…diary…the chick from chicago…SHIT! (To the Google-mobile, batman!) Ahh, there it is. Bridget Jones’ Diary. Thats it.

Anyway, what was I on about?

Right, right, ok.

Anyway, Nicole (whom I see is going to need a reference page), used to add these to her blog entries (the ones I didn’t want to read).

Weight: 193 Cigarettes: yeah right. (ok, so I won’t add that again) mood: ambivilant, bored, but excited by the prospect of the (empty?) weekend song: currently, Alien Ant Farm’s smooth criminal, but my mix cd’s change so rapidly theres no real point to this…

etc. etc.

Since I’m trying to lose weight, it seemed like kind of a good idea, but…nah.

As for buttons, I have the strange prediliction to stick them in my mouth when they fall off my clothing. Which is why I’m currently sucking on a trowser button, I suppose. Tasty plastic goodness.

I keep meaning to post up more thoughful, useful stuff, but to be quite honest the only time I really seem to have or take to write here, I’m at work. And work has this terrible mind-numbing effect. Kind of like TV.

I figured I’d use this to throw out ideas I’ve had about good ways to improve the situation of our country, or muse about something philosophical, or…something.

So far I haven’t though. I’ve pretty much just train of thought’d myself half to death.

I kind of like the stories and the character desciptions, though. May have to do more of those.

As for ire, I’m having trouble getting myself worked up over political stuff, recently. I mean, it still bothers me, but its getting hard to summon the energy to try and do something about it. I’ve not been sending out the mass emails to friends and compatriots. I need someone around who cares to help keep me fired up. My parents always just say “And this surprises you because?”, and most of my co-workers don’t really care, so they just nod and say “mmmm”….

Frustrating in and of itself.

I wanted to put a quote up on my “description” bit, a la indieJade, but I can’t find one on the net that I like. So I’m gonna have to go read a book, I guess, and put one up later.

As for songs…feeder high is playing now. Mmm…

Wish more people around here sang, or something.

[EDIT: This post has been deleted because I was being snarky. March 13 05]

Obviously, I’ve known my uncle for quite some time. All my life you might say.

Of course, as is often the case with uncles, I’ve never really known my uncle, but thats really all beside the point isn’t it?

Anyway, my uncle is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in the South about an hour and a half away from my own location. (Props to anyone who figures it out whom I didn’t or doesn’t already know, btw.) As a hobby, he takes old houses and practically rebuilds them from the ground up. He’s got a really sweet, sweet bungalow style place that he’s turning into a party house. And its even got a neat little cabin in the back where he can stay if he rents it out, which is his current plan.

Now, understand, my uncle has a wonderful sense of style, a pretty good sense of humor, and is a lot of fun to be around.

However, thats about all that can be said in his favor.

He lives in a complete selfcentric world, where the other people around him are really to be used for his purposes and entertainment, to be cast aside whenever he’s done with them.

This is not to say he can’t be a nice guy. Its just, theres always a veneer of whats in it for him beneath that, even if its just a want of company.

Take, for example, the time we went to a family reunion in Michigan.

We’d all had a great time with a few of our liberal relatives one night, and the next afternoon was the actual reunion. That morning my mother went up to the grocery store (it was just my mother and me, from the immediate family) to grab supplies, and my uncle requested that she get him some beer. When asked what kind, and being in a deep conversation with a hot cousin, he said something to the effect of “Miller, like always”.

So my mother bought him Miller.

He actually wanted miller light.

So when we loaded up to go down to the beach for the actual reunion, we stopped by the grocery store so John could attempt to exchange his beer. We were there for 45 minutes, with 3 of the 5 of us sitting in the car.

During this time, our grandfather, John’s dad, called down from the beach to see if we could stop back by the hotel to pick up a forgotten power cord, or some such.

But John was driving. And after 45 minutes of haggling with store managers, John wanted to go to the reunion. Which was 10 minutes away. The hotel was < 2. But we went straight on to the beach, and my grandfather had to leave on his own to go pick up his stuff.

So, John could spend 45 minutes trying to get a minor change in beer for himself (the beer never got drank), but he couldn’t take 10 minutes to do something for his father.

And this is pretty indicative of his attitude about life. He’s been married twice, dated and slept with more girls than I could probably count, and basically never managed to commit to anything in his life. He drives a big truck and owns a porche, and insists that I call him “Uncle John”, because he’s insecure about his lack of family.

For all that, he’s lots of fun to hang out with, so long as you don’t trust him farther than you can throw him. Which isn’t far, because he’s 6’4” with lots of muscle.

So thats Uncle John.

So, I put a counter up to see if anyone besides IndieJade has ever visited my site. Thats the main thing.

Then theres the fun with Ghost. Did I mention this? The Man in Charge said we get Ghost, even after the heathen middle management tried to dealy us. So, until we actually buy it, we’re borrowing a copy of Ghost from academic computing.

Its 7.5, which isn’t nearly as nice as 8.0. Which is annoying. That, and I’m having trouble getting the bloody thing to work, which is also causing problems.

Blast and damn.

On a plus note, I’ve been mentioned on IndieJade’s blog (see links at right), which makes me very very happy.

Further updates as the day wears on. I should be able to give a nice description of the Botanical Gardens sale volunteering from last night, and maybe post up a character desciption about my uncle.

So thats the blogging agenda for the day.

Stay tuned, folks, we’ll be right back!

Right, so I failed miserably to dig up my Mom’s camera….maybe I can get her to bring it to the botanical gardens thing at which I’m gonna be helping out.

It just occured to me as well that I start a fair number of posts with “right”. Hmm…I think I’m getting predictable in my old age.

Umm…new link in the politics section, sustainable buisness. I haven’t had much time to check it out, but what a great concept, you know?

I got it when I was browsing around cafecanopy to bitch about the coffee they sent me. Tasted quite charred. Which makes me unhappy.

Anyhoo…I’m going to continue browsing around the web and check out mermaid tavern again to see if she’s answered my question yet (which she hasn’t…dammit all).

I wonder…has anyone read this yet?

I know what I’ll do….I’ll go grab one of those counter thingy’s and set that up. That way, I can see how sad I’m being. ;-)

Be back in moments.