The charity beard auction winner

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I have been so, so very bad. Sorry about that! I didn’t get around to posting for far too long.

Anyway, we had a winner of the beard contest! And then I shaved my face! And then I waited the requisite 3 weeks! But my face still has the winner face!

The winning facial style was Mutton Chops, it was won in a literally-last-minute entry by Alexis, it was for $35 to Amnesty Internationl, and it beat the second place entry (from Pete) by $0.4885. It was a close one!

So here’s my face for the last 3 weeks:


And here is what Pete was gonna make me do if ONLY he’d given just a few more cents!


Oh! You all raised $177.84 for charity. Thank you so much! You’re the best! I hope you play next year!

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