Dealing With EZpass

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I decided to go ahead and get an EZPass for my car.

This is something of a new idea for me. I have avoided getting one because of ways in which being tracked by lots of databases and cross-correlating them is…bad. I have my own personal list of things that I know could go wrong1. But, now they’re taking pictures of your license every time you drive through and stuffing it in the same database, so, I’m damned coming and going. Might as well get the cheaper tolls.

So I went to sign up on the website. I go to put my car in. It says someone else is using it, please call the phone line (877-627-7745). I call the phone. It’s ALL automated, and says to please use the website.


Anyway, so back to the website. Go to their help section, go the chat section. Chat with their rep. They tell me…they don’t have access to the database and I have to call the phone line. BUT! I asked. There IS an operator! You just have to hit a hidden option to get to them! (It’s 9, in case you’re curious. The number to access the ezpass ma operator, on their phone screen is 9. Feel free to tell me more ways to SEO that so people can find it.)

Turns out, my partner who frequently borrows my car had added it to her account. So now we’re all good. But this did turn what should’ve been a 10 minute experience into a 30 minute experience.

  1. So my personal reasons for not liking lots of data correlation are because it leaves way to much room for power hungry individuals to do bad things. For instance, any woman who dates someone who is either in law enforcement, knows someone in law enforcement, or works for any contracting company that works with law enforcement could easily be tracked and hurt by a stalker with easy access to those databases. We can claim that this doesn’t happen, but stories from the tsa to this big ap report no one noticed mean that obviously we do not and will never do a good enough job. [return]
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