Peter Watts is Awesome

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A couple of days ago I sent $10 to Peter Watts because his book Blindsight was available as a CC-licensed free PDF download, and no-drm is how everything should be. Today, I received this email (via the email I have attached to paypal):

Hi Sean,

I don’t believe we’ve met (I didn’t know anything about you until about five minutes ago; even now, all I know is that you could kick my ass in a foot race), but I see you’ve dropped some of your hard-earned bucks into the kibble fund tip jar. Thank you for that. I’m still vaguely surprised at the generosity of complete strangers.

Cheers, Peter

I like imagining a world where this is how artists and fans usually connect.

Also, 50 pages in, Blindsight is awesome. Ya’ll should check it out. I can send you a copy, and if you like it, you too can support Peter Watts and get a personal email back. :-)

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