Maybe I got something sorted!

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This is reposted from facebook, since my blog finally seems to be working again. Bluehost CLAIMS they didn’t do anything, but I went from 30 second load times and sometimes no responses to about 3 second load times, so….

So, while waiting for some stuff to happen at work (that didn’t happen), I went for a 3.5 mile run along the charles. Because fuck this slump I’ve been in, fuck being tired, and FSM bless the beautiful city of Boston and the beautiful people in it.

I ran slow, and didn’t have my phone harness on me, so have no idea how slow I ran.

I did get some thinking done, and I think I have an idea about what to do with myself next…at least personally. And I’m thinking it’s also high time I decided to worry more about what I do with myself next personally, rather than professionally. (yes this counts as vaguebooking, no I’m not going to spout these thoughts here…and we’ll see if this thought process holds through the night, but I feel a little more directed then I have in awhile)

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