Understanding artists

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So, friend of a friend named John has a blog, which I grabbed the RSS feed for, and I just read this post.

It’s a really great post, letting me listen in as a fly on the wall in a conversation that I would normally interrupt with confusion and therefore have rarely been privy too.

I will never be an artist, but I have a great deal of respect for a great number of them, and it’s always bothered me that my understanding of their passion was limited. It’s always felt artificially so, but I think I ask the wrong questions about this sort of thing.

What this post did for me was really expose one of the many ways to appreciate something about all this.

The “key insight”, for me, a least, was this:

Finally, a quote that explains how I feel about my own pieces! As I've told many friends- you may not "get" everything on a single pass, in fact I never expect that of anyone. But you can choose things to focus on, and, in that, choose an interesting path through the music. This creates a unique experience for every listener.

That gives me a crib. I’ve never really listened to music as anything except a whole. (Ok, that’s not true, I often listen to lyrics and just let the music be there in the background, but I think that’s different than this).

Now I wanna try it. Need to get Andy and John to send me some stuff to listen to.

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