After a couple of days (Akamai, day 3)

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So, the first few days have gone well! I don’t really have any deep thoughts here, but I do have some bullet points about things that I like about akamai, and/or things that they’re doing better than the MIC does.

The bad news is, the supervisor that hired me is leaving to go to wayfair (who didn’t let me past the phone screen! silly people!). Obviously, no hard feelings, but I do feel like he was sort of my patron with onboarding at Akamai…so now I’m going to have to do that much better to make whoever my new supervisor is love me and make me permanent. :-)

The rest is all good news. They had 11 new hires the day I got there, which is abnormally high. However, from the sounds of my contractor boss, that’s about the pace they’re intending to keep for the near future. That’s a lot of new hires. They’re growing. We’re growing? I’m developing loyalty to my employer, that’s a new feeling. :-)

I got there, and one of the first things I noticed was that one of my coworkers had a standing desk. I was thrilled. I asked how I could get one. Heh. Turns out, all the new furniture is standing desks. They’re the steelcase airtouch, and they’re pretty wonderful. The only problem is they don’t go quite high enough for me, but that’s no big deal. I’ve been spending about 12 to 34’s of my day standing. It feels great.

Documentation: I knew this was the case with “real world” companies versus the air force, but man is it nice to work with people for whom living documentation is the default, not some strange idea that only the kids want. The wiki is well maintained, well organized, and hosts reams of relevant, timely information. Is it perfect? Of course not! Are there dead ends and conflicting, redundant pages? Of course! But it is pretty much infinitely better than any documentation I ever used while working for the air force. Also, every shop (group, “network” in the akamai parlance) has a pretty damn good newcomers page that sets out what us new people should try and learn in the first couple of weeks, what paperwork needs to be done, what accounts need to be gotten and HOW TO DO THIS ALL. Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s very good. And, given that it’s a wiki, you can improve it as you go! I’ve made about 5 updates to the wiki to clarify things or remove outdated information. See? I’m useful already. ;-)

Windows: This isn’t really akamai specific, but damn it’s nice to work in a building with windows no matter where you go. Ahhhhhh…..

I’ve been intending to bike to work. Tomorrow will be day one of that effort. Wish me luck! :-)

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