Fishing for Urban-darers

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Tina and I went down to earthfest in Boston at the esplanade yesterday, to enjoy some free live music and a beautiful day and some free samples. It was a good time…I’m not a big fan of ok-go, who headlined the show, but they’re a bunch of damn-fine performers.

While we were watching the bands play, a bunch of people starting running by us, participating in an urban-dare event. One of the first pairs of people to run by us identified us as a couple, and asked us to recreate a famous kiss. We obliged, naturally. But then, more of them started coming by, because they were taking pictures of a statue in the area as part of their scavenger hunt. So we started kissing in front of them, to see how many of them we could catch.

By the end of the day, we’d “caught” eight teams. I REALLY wish I could’ve been there when the judges were evaluating that particular item on the scavenger hunt. :-D

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