Massachusetts State Government Failures

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As much as I like living in Massachusetts, I am beginning to understand the distaste expressed by many for old school democrats. So much of the way this state is run is extraordinarily annoying in the “big government” sense that conservatives are always railing about.

I’m trying to work on something right now, so I will not expound on the long and growing list of offenses that the governments within mass have committed, but will restrict my comments to their latest (and greatest) offense.

Long story short, they have decided to “audit” my 2008 income tax return, when I moved to Massachusetts in July. They have just sent me a notice telling me that I owe them income tax for all the money that I made while living in Illinois during that period. That’s right…I was living in Illinois, with no intention until the last moment to move to massachusetts, but they think I owe them money for the six months that I was an Illinois state resident.

Then, my options for correcting this error (and if this is not an error, I am going to sue) are to call their call center, which has the amazingly convenient hours of 1000 to 1300, and 1330 to 1600, Monday through Friday. And I guarantee that if this is the standard of their auditors, that call center is going to be EXTREMELY busy. So, I can tell you how much I’m looking forward to THAT hold time.

Once again, Massachusetts, I love living here…but fuck you.

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