Foodsploit! Honey-bourbon grilled peaches

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So, Jessica came over for dinner tonight. We had tacos. Nothing special.

However, she had bought some peaches whilst in west/central mass this weekend, and had ALSO tasted some grilled peaches at the wonderful, wonderful restaurant, Hope and Olive.

So, she suggested we try grilling the peaches.

Says I, “Ok. So how do we do it?” And she replies, “I dunno. Put them on the grill and do your grill thing” Me: “oh. Ok. Well, maybe we just eat peaches.”

…time passes, and we eat tacos…

Me: “I suppose we could try them. Just grill them?” Jess: “Well, I was thinking a sauce would be good…” Me: “Such as…?” Jess: “Well, I didn’t grab the brandy…” Me: “Honey might be good?” Jess: “Yeah, that could work…”

… more time..

Me: “We do have Maker’s Mark.” Jess: “Which is?” Me: “Bourbon.” Jess, face lighting up: “Oh, yeah, that could work. So, I guess we throw them on the grill, and then honey and bourbon for a sauce. They had ricotta cheese at Hope and Olive. I’ve got vanilla yogurt…” Me, starting to get excited: “Ooo, yeah that sounds really really good.”

So after the tacos, we started. We sliced the peaches in half and pitted them, and I went out and put them on the grill over medium low heat. Meanwhile, Jessica snatched up a sauce pan and began to simmer the bourban and honey, stirring all the while.

I came back into chat, and looked into the sauce, and suggested a little bit more honey, which we added. Jess came out, looked at the peaches, and told me they needed more time. I went back in, and noticed steam rising from the sauce. I suggested we be cautious, lest we boil off all the alcohol.

All told, we grilled and simmered for about 10 minutes. Give or take. I went back out to take the peaches off the grill, and Jess broke out the yogurt. Each half peach, just lightly charred, with glorious runnels where the grill grate had been, got a generous dollop of yogurt, and then the sauce was spooned out over each one.

Then we dug in. Our eyes grew wide, and I was the first to swallow my delicious morsel and speak.

Me: “HOLY CRAP WIN!” I am nothing if not eloquent when good food is involved. Jess: “MMMMMMmmmmm!”

So yes, these were a gigantic win. Amazing.

I actually took pictures as Jess was putting the sauce on, but I managed to delete them in my infinite wisdom. (Unix side note: when using the “date” command to insert the date when moving files, do NOT forget to put a space between date and the format string, even if it line wraps. Forgetting will actually result in losing the files you were trying to move. This could be disastrous if the files are more important than pictures of delicious peaches.)


4 peaches, halved and pitted Greek vanilla yogurt. Use the real good stuff. About 14-13 cup bourbon Less than 14 cup honey. a few tablespoons.

Grill the peaches pit side down over medium low heat. Combine the honey and bourbon in a saucepan and simmer over low heat. Do both of these, simultaneously, for about 10 minutes, or until just right. Remove the peaches, pit side up, on a plate. Put a dollop of yogurt in each pit, then douse the lot with the sauce. Consume ravenously.

Ideas for variations: Use rum instead of bourbon. Use any other variation on creamy substance. Creme Fraiche would probably be amazing. Hit the peaches with butter before grilling. Should give it a pie-esqueian flavor.

Sorry for the no pictures. I’ll be kicking myself for awhile.

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