Quick thoughts on my first class at harvard extension

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-They spend a lot of money on running the class -The prof has a bit of an odd style of presenting things, but I think I’m gonna like it -Even though this class is nearly identical to the last class I took, the fact that it’s in java is going to make it somewhat interesting -There are muppets in the class. I was hoping this wouldn’t be true, but when -+1, it’s inevitable I suppose. -the class is too big -I still find it odd how much more I understand how much better than when I was in college. Working with it helps so much. -I still miss Tom and Jill, and I wish I could take a class with them now that I’m a better student. -The diversity in the class is very cool. We have a wide range of ages, an ok range of races, and, by appearances only, a great range of backgrounds. Yes, I’m stereotyping WHILE I’m commenting on diversity. -If I sit in the front corner, I can watch the professor AND the class. This adds a lot to my class satisfaction, unless the aforementioned muppets are speaking.

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