New Lense!

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So, I got a tamron 18-270 lense for my nikon d40. Basically, I got it because too many of my pictures were looking like this:
Blurry Old Lense

So, finally, especially with a trip to England coming up, I decided to get a new lense. I got a Tamron 18-270, which got very good reviews. It was a bit expensive, but hell, I just went TDY, so that helps pay for it. I may post some action shots from contra soonish.

The following is a series of pictures at various zooms.

At 18: 18 mm

At 35: 35 mm

At 50ish: 50ish mm

At 100: 100 mm

At 200: 200mm

At 270: 270 mm

Alex at the old max (55): alex 55 mm

Alex at the new max (270): alex 270 mm

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