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So, nothing really to report. Helped Jessica move, which was about the easiest move ever…she doesn’t have very much stuff, so there wasn’t a lot to carry. It was fun though. She also took me for a swim in one of the ponds around her house, which was AWESOME. Crystal clear water, sandy bottom. The way swimming should always be.

Also, I set up her wireless internet. She had a cisco/linksys E1000. I gotta say, I have never used their installation programs in the past, but this time, it was worth it. It was secure by default, and it didn’t install any crap-ware or set itself up to reside in memory on her box. It set up her home network with a random SID, a randomly generated strong password and WPA key, and even set up a guest network that is unencrypted, but requires a password to log in to. It was awesome. I may have to see if the trendnet that I bought for our house has anything similar, because It Just Worked, AND it was secure. I don’t know how the router is going to work out, but kudos to cisco for the setup.

When I got home today, and started to work on chores and errands, I talked to Regina about my plans for the bed loft. She suggested that I just go with a custom closet organization, and I have to say, it should work, and be easier to get set up then doing the loft, if not as cool. So I guess I need to go to that organization store, whatever it’s called, with measurements for my closet so I can start moving into my new room.

NOT doing the bed loft gives me some time to work on my other organizational project: digitizing my files, encrypting them, syncing them to the cloud, and reducing my filing cabinet from 4 drawers down to 2, so I can fit it in my room. That’s what I’m starting on tonight: finding out if I can happily encrypt and sync to a cloud storage.

Finally, I put up some pictures from the trip to St. Louis.
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