Interesting Flight Pattern, another run

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Last weekend I went down to texas to visit my family, all congregating on my sister’s place. I flew US Airways, as opposed to my normal airtran or southwest, because Dad had volunteered to get my ticket with point, rather than have me pay the extra $400 so that I didn’t have to take any leave by flying back on Monday, since, having started another job, I have no spare paid time off again.

It turned out to be a long weekend of aircraft first and worsts. Things started out smoothly, but then at USAirways’ hub in Charlotte, the plane had an engine problem and the mechanics wouldn’t clear it to take off. Now, I’m all about not flying with engines that don’t work. Kudos for grounding the plane. But I would expect, and I’m sure many of my three readers would agree, that at an airlines major east coast hub, they would have a spare plane. Not USAirways. But! They did hook me up with a hotel room, some meal vouchers, and got me to my destination only 12 hours late or so. My mental voice was somewhat sarcastic as I typed that, but to be fair, that really isn’t too bad for not having a spare plane. They did they right thing.

So, 27 hours after I got to San Antonio, I left again. In Charlotte, they were asking for volunteers to give up the flight, which was overbooked, and I went ahead and volunteered, which netted me a $325 voucher. Another first. I had to fly through pittsburgh to get home. And the weather was the worst that I’ve ever flown through (tornado watch! yay!), so that was actually kind of like getting an amusement park ride to go with the airplane ticket. (Really, I enjoyed it. The plane didn’t fall out of the sky, and it was very much like a roller coaster. A wooden one that slams you around in your seat.)

So, I got my first airline provided hotel voucher, my first airline provided meal voucher, my first seat give up for a mostly free ticket, AND I got to visit 5 airports, 4 of them twice, for a total of NINE airport visits in 3 days! Woohoo! (Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Dallas, San Antonio, San Antonio, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Boston.)

This evening I went for another run on the vibrams. I ran for about 3 miles (a little walking, here and there). Lungs and legs felt FANTASTIC…I could’ve gone for at least twice as far on those. My feet got tired, which is why I walked, and I developed a blister on my left foot, so I’ll have to toughen my feet up some more. But it felt really good. I have a feeling this summer I may almost get into real shape. If I get my back waxed, I might even be willing to take my shirt off again! ;-) (OVERSHARE! YAY!)

Also, I keep thinking I should post up my thoughts about creating healthy competition in government programs to realize efficiency, performance, taxpayer satisfaction, and constant program improvement. This blog has been WAY to personal, and not nearly thoughtful enough for the last few months. When I bother to post, of course.

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