First run with the vibrams

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I went for the my first run tonight on my vibram five-finger sprints.

After talking with my dad some, running on my nike frees, reading online, and enjoying over the past couple of years running barefoot in the grass and on beaches, then hearing about the vibrams, I decided to take the plunge and bought myself a pair so that I could try running barefoot in the city (where lots of asphalt and glass shards make running barefoot a really bad idea).

Tonight was my first run. I went about 1.4 miles (according to google maps, anyway). I had been intending to go for two, and after reading about it when I got back, that’s probably a good thing. :-) They actually recommend on several sites starting off with 12 a mile or less. But I listened to my feet, and turned around when they started complaining about the new workout.

What was cool was I didn’t have to run slowly. In fact, I’d say I ran at least as fast as I normally do in shoes, which was nice. There are a number of sites which have suggestions for strengthening your calves before you start, but mine have always been pretty strong, between good genetics, dancing, and paying attention to them when I lift, so I feel like that wasn’t necessary.

Anyway…this post probably could’ve been a facebook update, but I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog, so I put it here. I’ll get more up later. :-)

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