The biggest reason why who we elect is essential

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…and why I don’t buy into the “any of the three” arguments that we hear a lot from kos and some of the other blogosphere gods. From John Cole

On the other hand, screwing up a war counts more as a utilitarian tragedy. Politicizing the government’s law enforcement cost us less in blood and treasure, but from a fundamental constitutional perspective it might be the more catastrophic failure with lasting consequences for the country. The present administration, for example, loves to cite America’s weak moments when Lincoln suspended Habeas corpus, or FDR rounded up American citizens, as useful precedents. Think about the cornucopia of precedent that Rove’s Permanent Majority project will leave behind for the next President with a gaping hole where his moral core ought to be. A leftwing wannabe Stalin could hardly ask for more – surveillance, detention and torture of American citizens without trial, intimidating political enemies through a grossly skewed investigation bias, show trials, it’s all in there.

If we don’t manage to throw some of these guys in jail (maybe send some to the hague for their trials!), then this will be the true legacy of the administration. Lawbreaking forever. America broken. Forever.

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