Edwards rally

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So, I went to an Edwards rally this morning. Sometimes, when I’m at those things, I have to just step back and chuckle at the formula. I know why they do things they way they’re done, but it’s still funny.

Got there about 25 minutes early, walked around to the far side, away from the doors because I knew lots of folks wouldn’t and sure enough, about 10 minutes before go time, one of the organizers got up and requested people move to my side. Listened to half a dozen state senators, local celebrities, and union leaders get up and try and rouse the crowd, and then watched Edwards come in (I was disappointed that Elizabeth Edwards wasn’t at this one.)

Edwards Rally, Jan 08

Anyway, Senator Edwards was great, and very clearly was trying to differentiate himself between his two other opponents. I’m pretty psyched up, but I probably don’t want to see the results in Nevada.

There’s a lot of local politicians campaigning for JRE in Missouri, because Senator Edwards came to Missouri to campaign for them and for the minimum wage raise.

As an interesting side, the guy in the yellow sweater in that picture collapsed twice. I felt like maybe Senator Edwards should’ve stopped talked after the big commotion (there were doctors for Edwards at the event, which was nice, because I didn’t have to try and remember my first aid courses from the AF.)

Anyway, it was a neat event. I almost hit on some SLU law students that are off camera to my left, but just wasn’t in the mood for random conversation after talking to the guy to my right,who was a sheet metal union member who is still trying to make up his mind. (The sheet metal union endorsed Hillary, but this guy was apparently trying to decide between Edwards and Obama. I made sure to talk about the way a Hillary nomination screws us in the general.)

Anyway, fun times. :-D

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