An interesting day yesterday

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Right, so yesterday was very bad for a couple of friends of mine. Ok, scratch that, yesterday I don’t know about, but this weekend wasn’t so good.

First and foremost, Candice broke up with the English boy Tim. Which, on a pure friendship level is too bad, because they made a great couple and as far as I could tell, things seemed to be going pretty well…although I don’t know as I’m enough of a confidant that I’d be told even if things weren’t going well.

Hmm…it occurs to me that I need to post up about each person I talk about at some point. We’ll see about doing that later today, I guess.

Lessee….oh right, on with the story. So anyway, the truth of the matter is that I have mixed feelings about the whole Candice break up thing, because, frankly, I’d like a chance at being her boy myself. How I accomplish that from 1100 miles away is a bit of a mystery, however, and I know she’s got other guys nearby her who feel the same way I do…(she being one of those perfectly-imperfect women that every guy who meets wants to be with.), so I don’t know as this is really a good thing no matter whcih way you look at it. Plus, I’m afraid that if I ever ask for a shot that she’ll just stop talking to me. Which is probalby how I’d react if a friend in whom I wasn’t interested expressesd interest, but shes generally a better person than I am, so who knows.

Anyway, then my fencing coach Alex and his partner in crime, girlfriend, and top fencer Rachel announced that they’d be closing the fencing club as a business. Its very sad, because the place was…someone living the American dream (minus the getting rich part, but that could come in time). I mean, their reasons are sound, and they made a damn good run of it, but its just extrememly sad to see people losing their dream. Its also very sad to see a dream who were captured by die…or least become very ill. Still, the club will go on, and hopefully it’ll continue and improve and he’ll be able to open up a buisness again, eventually.

So that was the weekend for the friends. I still need to call Nathan and congratulate him on the engagement. Fuck me up the goats ass.

Well, later all.